Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 AM this Sunday, at which point most of the country will set their clocks back one hour for no real reason other than that our parents did it. We love us some ridiculous traditions..

» 10/30/14 2:51pm Thursday 2:51pm

Given the chance of the GOP taking over the Senate and maintaining their lead in the House, this claim rings rather false. I'm pretty sure Mr. LaPierre has little to worry about. No new firearms legislation will be coming to fruition under a GOP led Congress. » 10/30/14 1:07pm Thursday 1:07pm

Speaking of Russians and rockets. The 1960's Russian made rockets that propelled the first stage of Tuesday's failed Va launch are under suspicion for possible having caused the explosion of the $200 million mission to the ISS. » 10/30/14 7:54am Thursday 7:54am